31st May 2017

There are a number of factors affecting the likelihood of the accident claims’ success. * Timescale. It is unlikely that a solicitor will be willing to deal with the case if the incident occurred more than three years ago. The … more

20th May 2017

The court plays a significant role in determining what is in the ‘best interests’ of your child. The court considers all aspects including physical, educational, spiritual, emotional as well as preferential requirements of a child, so it makes a study … more

4th May 2017

We are likely to need legal help at least once a year, yet most of us do not actively seek legal help. This is borne out of data from a survey conducted by Leo J. Shapiro & Associates, on behalf … more

26th Apr 2017

There have been plenty of commercials that talk about structured settlements and how there are companies that will pay you for your structured settlement. But some people wonder why people get structured settlements. There are a few reasons why someone … more