7th Jul 2017

Trailer trucks usually weigh around 40,000 pounds if empty and could weigh more if loaded. Just imagine how massive the destruction is if a trailer truck hit a smaller vehicle like a car or motorcycle. For sure, the driver and … more

You are invited by your friend for a sleepover at her house. You are excited to go since this is your first time to sleep at your friend’s house. But your excitement turned into a nightmare the moment you arrived. … more

Insurance companies are perhaps one of the most sought-after businesses in the United States since almost everyone owns an insurance policy. Even structures like houses and buildings, and automobiles regardless of sizes, from the smaller ones like motorcycles to big … more

Getting injured, especially when it is serious, is a painful experience that can make you wish you can turn back the time so you can avoid doing what has caused the injuries. But what happened can no longer be reversed. … more