7th Jul 2017

US laws state that motorists have to yield to pedestrians at any time, as long as the latter follow all traffic laws. Motorists can clearly see traffic signs set up on the roads that say “Yield.” And yet, some drivers, … more

6th Jul 2017

We regularly see big trucks plying Georgia’s major highways and roads every day that transport almost all kinds of products – from food to cement, vehicles, and even ready-to-use houses. These trucks are what kept big businesses in the state … more

When you attend a party or any other occasion, it’s kind of rude to refuse any alcoholic drink the host may want you to try. After all, you are there to enjoy and have fun with the other guests. But … more

Accidents do happen anytime, mostly at the most unexpected time. We may not have the power to totally avoid or lessen the damages wrought by an accident, but we can very well do something to at least minimize its impact … more