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Covington, GA – Newton County Court Information

The Covington Municipal Court provides a local forum for the resolution of minor traffic infractions, parking citations and city ordinance violations issued within the city limits of Covington. The Municipal Court is the judicial branch of the city government. Municipal Court Judge Billy Waters, appointed by the Covington City Council, oversees the Court’s operations. The majority of cases heard in Municipal Court are traffic infractions. This court does not handle civil or small claims cases.

Office Hours:
M–F — 8 am – 5 pm
Phone: 770-385-2141
Fax: 770-385-2198

The Covington Municipal Court is located inside the Covington Police Department facility at 1143 Oak Street SE, Covington, Georgia 30014 and can be reached during office hours at 770-385-2141 or you can email

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