6th Jul 2017

When you attend a party or any other occasion, it’s kind of rude to refuse any alcoholic drink the host may want you to try. After all, you are there to enjoy and have fun with the other guests.

But when you drink too much, it’s not advisable for you to drive yourself home. You might get arrested for drunk driving. Or worse, you might get involved in an accident.

Accidents that involved drunk drivers can be fatal. The drunk driver is no longer in his or her right senses and anything can happen in a split of a second. Alcohol affects the brain. It can make the driver sleepy and slows down his or her reflexes. And even if you are very cautious in your driving, there might be a drunk driver on the other side of the lane who is out to ruin your rather safe travel.

Even if drivers know the danger of drunk driving, they can’t seem to refrain from doing it. And when accidents happen, they would often feel remorseful.

Driving while under the influence of liquor is a reckless behavior that puts the life of the driver and other people on the road in danger.

In 2011, around 300 people died from drunk driving accidents in Georgia, according to the Century Council.

Drinking and driving are criminal offenses. The drunk driver will be arrested and penalized and if you get injured in an accident that involves a drunk driver, you have the right to claim for compensation. But you can only get the right compensation if you hire a lawyer who is an expert in Personal Injury Law, the law that sets the legalities and compensation of persons who sustained injuries as a result of the negligence of another person.

In Georgia, one lawyer who knows how to handle this kind of cases is Atty. Allen Bodiford, a top-caliber lawyer who has been practicing law for more than 25 years in Stockbridge. He owns and manages the Bodiford Law Group which consists of lawyers who are equally knowledgeable in Personal Injury Law.

A personal injury attorney is a specialized lawyer who is well equipped with the knowledge of both injury laws and civil rights.

Atty. Bodiford and his team of lawyers know how painful it is to be involved in an accident but they don’t want you to suffer more pain from getting remuneration for your injuries. They will do all the things for you while you are still recuperating from the accident.

In seeking for compensation, Atty. Bodiford will determine the extent of your injury, the medical expenses to be incurred including the cost for possible rehab or physical therapy sessions and even the possible loss of income that you will experience because of the accident.

All these things will be greatly considered by Atty. Bodiford once the case against the drunk driver will be finalized and filed. For drunk driving-related accidents and injuries, call Atty. Bodiford now and get a free consultation.

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