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McDonough, GA – Henry County Court Information

Our mission is to create an effective network of City Government services that is responsive to local needs and provides a lifestyle of quality for present and future generations. We are committed to executing our duties with the highest integrity and in a manner that instills trust and confidence between the citizens of McDonough and employees of the City. “You’re the reason” we strive everyday to assure all of our citizens a safe and progressive city that is responsive to changing needs.

  • Municipal Court. The Municipal Court is dedicated to providing an impartial forum where all our citizens are treated fairly and with respect as traffic and ordinance violations are resolved.
  • City Probation. McDonough City Probation is dedicated to providing an impartial forum where all our citizens are treated fairly and with respect as Court ordered probation sentences are supervised.

Office Hours of Operation:

Monday—Friday 8:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m.

Municipal Court Staff:

Court Administrator  Warren  Langley
Deputy Clerk of Court  Trisha Morgan 
Deputy Clerk of Court  Deon Morrison
Assistant Clerk  Terry Senical
Assistant Clerk  Jackie Stewart

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