6th Jul 2017

When you go out of your house in the morning to report for work, you would not know what is in store for you outside. You cannot predict what will happen in the next few minutes that you are outside. Unless you have super powers to see the future, you can never guess how your day will be.

Every day, there are accidents on the road. Some victims may suffer minor injuries, while others are not that lucky to live another day. And even how cautious you are in your actions, you will never know what the other people on the road are thinking and doing.

Dozens of vehicles ply the road every day. Some are big. Some are smaller. And among the riskiest vehicles that we see traveling in major thoroughfares are motorcycles.

Motorcycles can be convenient to ride if the driver prefers to go on an adventure. But it can also be risky if the driver does not know how to maneuver sharp curves and dangerous roads.  Motorcycles can easily be outbalanced, unlike those vehicles with four or more wheels. And when accidents occur, the driver may suffer severe injuries, especially if he or she fails to wear a helmet and other protective gear.

Most often, motorcycle riders who got involved in an accident suffer broken bones and head trauma, aside from the bruises and scratches that they may get. And it would be their lucky day if they come out unscathed from a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle Accidents may happen due to the driver’s negligence or due to the recklessness of other drivers. When a motorcycle collides with other much bigger vehicle like cars or trucks, the driver of the motorcycle will suffer the most severe injuries.

If you are a motorcycle driver who got injured in an accident involving bigger vehicles, call a lawyer who can help you file a case against the driver of the other vehicle. Bodiford Law Group has lawyers who can help you claim for compensation for your injuries, regardless if the damage is serious or not.

When involved in a motorcycle accident, it is best to call a lawyer first before attempting to negotiate with the driver of the other vehicle. Because most likely, the negligent driver or his insurance company will ask for a settlement which may not be favorable to you.

At Bodiford Law Group, their lawyers will know how to handle your case and will work to win it so you get the right compensation for your injuries, including possible loss of income on your part for failing to report for work due to the accident and the possible replacement or repair of your motorcycle.

Bodiford Law Group has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for victims of accidents throughout Atlanta. Attorney Allen Bodiford has been named to the list of Georgia’s Super Lawyers as a Rising Star for numerous years in a row, which is an honor given to less than 2.5% of lawyers in the state.

With this feat, you are assured that you can win your case and get your compensation. So call Bodiford Law Group now for a free consultation.

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