Bicycle riding is one of the most popular forms of exercise, aside from this being a mode of transportation by some people whose workplace is just a few blocks away from their homes. For them, it’s better to ride a bike in going to work than using their car which consumes gas and pollutes the environment.

Though riding a bicycle is very convenient and healthy, it is also very risky especially if the rider will pass through busy highways and intersections. Even if the rider follows extreme caution in maneuvering highly populated areas, there could be other drivers on the road who are not as cautious as him. If bicycle riders are involved in an accident with much bigger vehicles, the damage could be serious. He might suffer from broken bones or worse, death. And there are medical bills to pay too, aside from the cost of possible life-long medical care or therapy.

Some motorists consider those who are riding bicycles to be a road nuisance and even blame them when accidents happen. But bicycles are a mode of transportation too and anyone has the right to use it whenever and wherever they want.

If you are injured in a bicycle crash in Atlanta, you need the help of a lawyer who can help you file the necessary cases against the negligent driver responsible for your injuries. You can file the case yourself but it is highly recommended that you get the services of a lawyer to make sure you win the case and you get justice for what had happened to you.

In Atlanta, Bodiford Law Group has accident attorneys who can work on your case. They can meet with you for a free consultation about the accident and the possible action that you will have to take against the driver.

Seeking for justice can be a very tiring and costly process but lawyers at Bodiford Law Group will examine all details of the accident and will do a line-of-sight reconstruction to determine why the accident happened and who is really at fault.

Among the angles that a good accident attorney will consider are cellphone records to know if the negligent driver is using his or her mobile phone while driving and paint transfers from the driver’s car to determine if the latter is telling the truth or not.

The Bodiford Law Group team of attorneys will do everything they can to win your case and get compensation for the damages and injuries you sustained.

Bicycle crash can give you serious injuries so you also need a serious representation from Bodiford Law Group, Atlanta’s most trusted legal office. Bodiford Law Group serves clients in ConyersCovingtonGriffinJacksonJonesboroMcDonough, and Stockbridge.

Bicycle crash can make you debilitated for life if you sustained serious injuries like fractured bones, head and neck injuries, or brain and head trauma. When this happens, you need a serious lawyer who can get the right compensation for you so you don’t have to worry about future medical expenses. And that serious lawyer can only be from the Bodiford Law Group law office.