You are in your friend’s house for a visit and you are settled in the balcony when all of a sudden, the structure collapsed and you got injured. Will you blame your friend for the accident? Can you compel your friend to compensate you for the injuries you sustained?

The answer is yes.

Under Georgia law, cases of collapsed decks fall under the category of “premises liability,” which means that the owner of the property with a collapsed deck is required by law to pay for your medical expenses through the owner’s insurance company.

Immediately after the accident, get medical attention to treat your injuries and have a record of the incident, which is needed by the insurance company.

You may include photos of the accident area and the injuries you sustained as proof that you are indeed, involved in an accident. Then call a lawyer who can help you get compensation for the injuries you sustained. Even if the property owner is a close friend who does not intend to hurt you, he or she is still obliged to compensate you.

Decks and balconies offer an added view to a house, especially if these are beautifully designed and decorated. But most decks, balconies or porch are made from wood or wood-based materials which may easily be weakened from constant exposure to rain, heat and regular climate changes. It is recommended to do periodic check and maintenance of your decks or balconies to prevent any untoward incidents to your family or guests.

But there are cases when even if periodic checks are done, decks and balconies are still prone to collapse especially if the materials used in the construction are substandard.

Among the most common injuries you may sustain from a collapsed deck or balcony are bruises; scratches; broken or fractured bones particularly in the hips which is the most affected body part if you fall; injuries to the head, neck, back and knees; or injuries to the spinal cord which may result to paralysis. If the injured is an elderly or have severe health conditions, death may happen.

Because of the injuries that you sustained, you must undergo a series of medical checkups, laboratory tests and even rehabilitation or physical therapy. That’s why you need an expert lawyer who can assist you in filing the necessary documents for compensation not only for the injuries you sustained but also for the possible loss of income that you will be facing.

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