Accidents may happen anytime and anywhere. They occur either because you are just being careless, or somebody else is so sloppy that another person gets hurt along the way. Nobody should get hurt. But if accidents cannot be prevented, we should strive to at least handle its consequence, including getting the right compensation.

Two of the most common accidents that may occur anytime are slipping and falling.

If you run through a slippery pavement in the middle of a heavy rain, you are likely to slip and fall and get injured.

If someone is wiping the floor and you slipped, you are also prone to getting injured.

If the area where you slipped and fell is your property, then you have to spend for your own medical expenses, but if the accident occurred on another property, you have the right to ask for compensation from the owner of the property.

Among the most common frequented places where accidents may happen are malls, gasoline stations, schools, churches, parks, apartments, and even your neighbors’ yards and decks.

You can very well prevent slip and fall accidents. In slippery and wet areas, you should wear appropriate shoes. If you spill water or any liquid on the floor, be sure to immediately wipe it before anyone steps on it. Regularly clean bathrooms and restrooms, including your open garage, to keep the flooring dry. Avoid putting rugs or mats in walkways, and put proper lightings in pathways or areas frequented by people. If you notice that the stair is broken, be sure to replace it immediately.

However, even how careful people are, accidents may still occur. And if you suffered injuries after slipping and falling in a commercial establishment, you have to hire a lawyer who will represent you in claiming for damages and compensation.

You have a good chance of winning your case if the owner of the establishment knows about the existence of the problem, such as a broken stair or uneven flooring. The owner can also be held liable if a customer slips and fall inside a slippery restroom.

After the accident, you have to seek medical treatment for your injuries and get a medical certificate to be submitted to the court. Take photos of your injuries and the area where you slipped and fell which can be used as evidence to back up your case.

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