7th Jul 2017

You are invited by your friend for a sleepover at her house. You are excited to go since this is your first time to sleep at your friend’s house. But your excitement turned into a nightmare the moment you arrived. You slipped while going up the porch and fell onto the ground with your buttocks first hitting the ground. It was so painful you almost cried. After the accident, several questions popped up in your mind. “Can I sue my friend?” “Can I compel her to pay for my medical expenses?”

To answer all your questions, you need the help of a lawyer who is knowledgeable about personal injury law.

But as an initial advice, yes, you can sue your friend and you can compel her to pay for your medical bills, especially if the court finds out that the cause of your fall is a broken stair. It would be impossible if your friend wouldn’t know about the broken stair beforehand.

Georgia laws require owners to keep their properties, commercial or private, free from anything that can cause harm to anybody who sets foot inside. They should make sure that no one is hurt while in their properties, whether their own family members or visitors. If accidents do happen to anyone while inside their properties, they will be held liable for it.

Whether in a commercial or private property, slip and fall is a common form of accident that some people experience.

Among the common public and private areas frequented by some people where incidents of slipping and falling happen are gasoline stations, apartment complexes, malls, grocery stores, convenience stores, and even your neighbor’s decks, porches, and yards, especially those with slippery surfaces or uneven ground. And when a person has slipped and fallen, among the common injuries he or she might suffer are slip disc, fractured bones particularly the wrist, knee injury, hip fracture or sprain.

But you can very well avoid getting involved in an accident if you are well acquainted with the area you are visiting. If you know that the surfaces are slippery, you have to wear the appropriate footwear and walk slowly and carefully.

Inside your house, if you spilled a liquid on the floor, clean it immediately. Or if you already noticed that a stair going to the porch is broken, have it fixed. Don’t wait for an accident to happen.

But if the slip and fall accident you suffered is caused by another person, act immediately to let that person answer for your injuries. Seek help from a lawyer. In Stockbridge, Atty. Allen Bodiford is the best guy in town who can help you get justice for what happened to you.

If the accident has been found to be caused by the negligence of other persons, they may be compelled by law to shoulder all your medical expenses, including long-term treatment and possible loss of income on your part for failing to report for work. And Atty. Bodiford can very well help you on this. He knows how to handle personal injury cases and will work to win your case. In the end, the negligent party will be compelled by a court to compensate you for the injuries you sustained. So get the services of Atty. Bodiford now.

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