7th Jul 2017

Trailer trucks usually weigh around 40,000 pounds if empty and could weigh more if loaded. Just imagine how massive the destruction is if a trailer truck hit a smaller vehicle like a car or motorcycle. For sure, the driver and passengers of the smaller vehicles will suffer serious injuries, or worse, may even die.


Considering the size of trailer trucks, drivers should really exercise extreme caution in driving this kind of vehicle because even just one minor mistake can cause massive destruction not only to the life of other people but on their properties as well.


To prevent any untoward incidents, trucking companies must screen all driver applicants and must select only those who have been found to be healthy, with no vices, committed to their work, and possess professional driving skills, which is the most important criteria.


But even with all these qualifications, we cannot deny the fact that accidents do happen anytime and anywhere, even how cautious the driver is. If these happen, we can only hope that no life will be lost. Injuries can be cured and treated, but a lost life can no longer be brought back.


Accidents involving trailer trucks happen maybe because the driver felt tired from a long drive, he fell asleep while driving, he is calling and texting while driving, or he is under the influence of liquor or drugs.


Sometimes, a miscalculation can also cause accidents. Trailer trucks are literally long and big and if the driver is not good at estimation, he can’t make a correct turn which may leave the back part to swerve and hit other nearby vehicles.


Or if the truck’s brakes are defective and the driver is over speeding, an accident will surely happen.


In some instances, unsecured load and unaligned tires may also be the reason for truck accidents.


If you or any member of your family suffered injuries involving a trailer truck, do something to let the negligent driver pay for his mistake. File a case against the driver and claim for damages and compensation. An accident caused by negligence is unacceptable and the driver must be held liable for his actions.


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