6th Jul 2017

Accidents do happen anytime, mostly at the most unexpected time. We may not have the power to totally avoid or lessen the damages wrought by an accident, but we can very well do something to at least minimize its impact on our lives.

Perhaps one of the most destructive kinds of an accident on the road that often result in a lot of fatalities is a collision between trailer trucks and small cars or SUVs. This scenario is clear – a big truck against a small car. Expectedly, the small car is the loser. So whoever is on the small car, it would be a miracle if he or she will come out alive.

Tractor trailer trucks have a gross weight of about 40,000 pounds. And the weight could even be more if these trucks are loaded. So just imagine how destructive it can be if a trailer truck hit a small car while maneuvering on the road.

Accidents involving tractor trailer trucks happen maybe due to the following reasons: driver is tired or drowsy and fell asleep while driving, defective brakes, over speeding, driving under the influence of liquor or drugs, texting or calling while driving, unaligned tires or tire blowouts, unsecured loads which may cause the truck to swerve and the driver losing control of the wheel, no regular maintenance of the truck, or failure of the driver to carefully examine the road before making a turn. Sometimes, truck drivers fail to see small vehicles behind or beside them.

It is hard for big trucks like tractor trailers or those with 18 wheels or more to make a quick stop even if the driver has already stepped on the brake due to its size, much more if it is loaded. Hence, a crash or collision cannot be avoided.

If this happens to you or your loved ones, what will you do?

Seek immediate help from a lawyer who can help you claim compensation for the damages and injuries or death of your family member or relative. We can never regain back the life that was lost because of the accident but we can claim justice for what had happened.

The insurance company of the truck owner may talk to you about an amicable settlement or will let you sign any form. Avoid signing any document until you talk to a lawyer. Most often, these insurance companies will give only the least settlement which may not be favorable to you.

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