6th Jul 2017

We regularly see big trucks plying Georgia’s major highways and roads every day that transport almost all kinds of products – from food to cement, vehicles, and even ready-to-use houses. These trucks are what kept big businesses in the state alive. Without them, the state’s economy would never boom.

Big trucks are not easy to drive. The driver should really be good at estimation so he would know when to turn or how to correctly maneuver the wheel so that the back part can go along.

This difficult maneuvering is sometimes the cause of trucks getting involved in an accident. This is also due to the inability of the truck driver to correctly see anything behind or beside the vehicle.

And because of the trucks’ size, if it is involved in an accident, the other vehicle would often be the most affected, especially if the other vehicle is smaller like motorcycles or worse, a bicycle. Surely, the rider of the other vehicle would suffer severe injuries or even death.

If you suffer injuries from an accident that involved a truck driver, seek the help of an expert lawyer who can represent you in claiming for damages and compensation for your injuries. Never sign a settlement with the truck driver or his insurance company because most often, the deal will only be beneficial to them. If you do, you may never get the right compensation for you. These insurance companies very well know the tactics how to settle any claims that are least favorable to you. And if you give in to their demands, you will surely be at the losing end. If they ask you to sign any form, never do it. Most often, the forms will be the settlement note or a waiver. Always consult a lawyer before attempting to sign anything.

If you are involved in an accident, you will spend for your hospitalization and other medical expenses, you will not go to work because of the injuries, or you may have to undergo physical therapy to help you get back to your old form. All these must be presented to the truck driver and his insurance company so you will be given the right settlement. But you cannot do the math alone. You need the help of a lawyer.

Get a free consultation from Bodiford Law Group law office if you want to seek justice for what happened to you. Their lawyers can work to make the negligent parties responsible for the accident and seek compensation for you while you focus on recovering.

Getting in an accident is painful but Bodiford Law Group will make it less stressful for you as they will be the one to do all the leg work. Their lawyers will make sure you win the case and you get your compensation.

Bodiford Law Group has won millions of dollars in settlements for clients who were injured in truck accidents. So call now for a free consultation.

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